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Week-ending 15 July 2011

posted 18 Jul 2011, 02:00 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 18 Jul 2011, 02:03 ]

Investigation alleged ineffective

Investigation ‘on the wrong track’ 

Success claimed for investigation

Refusal to rule on regional elections 

Fresh investigation for crash

Website on extremism 

Neo-Nazis sentenced 

Synagogue attacked

Medvedev promises reform 

New law on abortion
Investigation into killing of Natalya Estemirova 
Human rights groups said the Russian authorities have made little attempt to effectively investigate possible involvement by local officials in the July 2009 murder of human rights advocate Natalya Estemirova. (Amnesty InternationalHRW,14/7)

Russian rights group Memorial said the government investigation into Estemirova’s killing is on the wrong track and that the secret services were used to concoct a false version of events to divert attention from the true killers. (RFE/RL, 14/7) 

The Investigative Committee said (15/7) the identity and motives of the killer of Natalya Estemirova are known. The motives were to avenge Estemirova’s media publications and discredit the political leadership of Chechnya. (, 16/7)

Constitutional Court 
The Constitutional Court (8/7) refused to ban the use by regional legislative assemblies of an electoral procedure that distributes seats in favour of the winning party. (, 11/7) 

The Constitutional Court ordered (14/7) a criminal case be reopened into a road accident last year involving a LUKoil vice president that killed two. (The Moscow Times, 15/7) 

Media rights 
The government intends to create a web site by 2013 where vigilant Internet users can report extremist comments left by other readers on media sites, the Federal IT and Mass Media Inspection Service said on 13/7. (The Moscow Times, 14/7) 

A Moscow court on 11/7 sentenced 12 neo-Nazis to prison terms of 10 years to life in connection with 27 hate killings and attempted murder and attempting to organize a terrorist attack. (The Moscow Times, 12/7) 

On 12/7 young masked men threw Molotov cocktails at a synagogue in Moscow. No one was injured and the attackers fled. The attack may have been in retaliation for the 11/7 conviction of a gang for racist murders. (Human Rights First, 12/7) 

Political reform 
On 11/7 President Medvedev promised leaders of the State Duma factions to introduce changes to liberalize election laws and the political system. (The Moscow Times, 13/7) 

On 13/7 President Medvedev signed into law the country's first regulations on the largely unrestricted practice of abortion, requiring clinics to warn potential clients of the purported health hazards of the procedure. (The Moscow Times, 17/7)
Rights in Russia,
18 Jul 2011, 02:00