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Week-ending 18 March 2011

posted 20 Mar 2011, 14:55 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Mar 2011, 15:23 ]
No fall in hazing
Bill relaxing rules on registration of foreigners
Extremism law
Court adviser resigns over criticism
United Russia win in regional elections
Golos reports more violations
Call to regulate Facebook
Alleged National Bolshevik Party activists charged
Think tank calls for ‘democracy reset’
Rallies planned for 31/3
Chirikova’s husband investigated
On 18/3 Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdiukov noted that there had been no reduction in incidents of hazing among military personnel. (,19/3)

A bill passed by the State Duma (11/3) and the Council of the Federation (16/3) means foreigners will have to register seven, not three, working days after arrival; employers, not landlords, are responsible for registering working foreigners; and police will no longer be allowed to collect fines from foreigners for invalid or missing registration. (The Moscow Times: 14/3; 17/3)

A State Duma working group has drafted amendments to the Penal Code adding new sanctions for certain crimes of extremism and raising the maximum penalty to ten years. (, 12/3)

Vladimir Ovchinsky quit (15/3) as adviser to Constitutional Court chair Valery Zorkin, following Kremlin disapproval of his public criticism of presidential proposals cutting punishments for certain crimes. (The Moscow Times, 16/3)

Elections / Political parties
Preliminary results released on 14/3 showed United Russia won most of the 3,300 elections held in 74 regions on 13/3 with an average 46 percent of the vote. (The Moscow Times, 15/3)

Watchdog Golos reported more violations in the regional elections on 13/3/11 than in 2010. (The Moscow Times, 13/3)

Central Elections Commission member Maya Grishina on 16/3 called for regulating Facebook and public online forums on the eve of elections. (The Moscow Times, 18/3)

St. Petersburg professor Andrei Pesotsky faces up to two years in jail on charges of creating in 2009 a local branch of the banned National Bolshevik Party. Eight others were charged with membership of the group. (The Moscow Times, 15/3)

The INSOR think tank said to be close to Dmitry Medvedev issued a report (15/3) critical of state control of courts and TV channels calling for direct gubernatorial elections and single-candidate districts in Duma elections. (The Moscow Times, 16/3)

Right of assembly / Human rights defenders
Ludmila Alekseeva and Eduard Limonov filed requests for separate rallies on freedom of assembly in Moscow on 31/3. Alekseeva plans to lead a rally on Pushkin Square; Limonov one on Triumfalnaya Square. (The Moscow Times, 17/3)

On 16/3 police searched Ezop engineering company, owned by Mikhail Matveyev, husband of environmental activist Yevgenia Chirikova. (The Moscow Times, 17/3)
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20 Mar 2011, 15:18