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Week-ending 22 April 2011

posted 25 Apr 2011, 01:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 25 Apr 2011, 01:45 ]
5,000 take part in Mosow rally
Prison arson
Movement Against Illegal Immigration banned
Internet freedom low in Russia
Moscow teenager alleges police beating
Critic fined for defaming police
Police database sold illegally
Call for rule of law in Chechnya
Body of disappeared found
Russia guilty in disappearance case
Right of assembly
More than 5,000 people took part in a rally organized by the Party of National Freedom and sanctioned by the Moscow city authorities on 16/4 on Bolotnaya Square against arbitrary government, corruption and unfair elections. (, 16/4)
Conditions in prisons
Human rights defenders said a case of arson by prisoners at Penal Colony No 10 in Krasnokamensk, Zabaikal Region, could be caused by systematic violence at the prison. (, 18/4)
Law on Extremism
A Moscow court on 18/4 declared the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, a leading nationalist group, extremist and banned its activities. The ruling by Moscow City Court came in response to a request from city prosecutors. (The Moscow Times, 19/4)
Media Rights
A new report on Internet freedom in Russia by Freedom House (18/4) ranked Russia 22nd out of 37 countries and predicted the situation would deteriorate further. (The Moscow Times, 20/4)
Police reform
Sergei Vorotnikov, a 17-year-old Moscow teenager was hospitalized with a concussion and a broken leg after what his parents said was an unmotivated beating by police officers following his detention on 20/4. (The Moscow Times, 22/4)
Artem Troitsky, a prominent music critic, was fined 130,000 roubles by a Moscow court (20/4) for defaming a police officer in comments about a 2010 road accident. He now faces criminal charges and a possible jail sentence. (The Moscow Times, 21/4)
An HIV-positive Muscovite has lodged a complaint with the authorities after his friends learned about his condition from an illegally sold police database. (The Moscow Times, 22/4)
Rights activists appealed to President Medvedev (20/4) to intervene to stop extrajudicial kidnappings and enforce the rule of law in Chechnya. They said local prosecutors had no power in cases of torture and kidnappings. (Reuters, 20/4)
The body of Ilez Gorchkhanov, 26 years old, was found on 19/4. He was abducted in Nazran in Ingushetia on 21/3 by about 15 masked men, believed to be members of law enforcement agencies. (Amnesty International, 21/4)
On 19/4 the European Court of Human Rights found Russia guilty of violating convention Articles 2, 3, 5 and 13 in the case of Matayeva and Dadayeva v. Russia concerning a 2006 disppearance. (Memorial Human Rights Centre, 20/4)
Rights in Russia,
25 Apr 2011, 01:43