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Week-ending 24 February 2012

posted 26 Feb 2012, 07:26 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 26 Feb 2012, 07:28 ]

Campaign ads taken down 

Protests in Lermontov 

Police favour pro-Putin rallies 

City Hall favours pro-Putin rallies 

Opposition denied permission to rally 

Forcible psychiatric hospitalization 

Mohknatkin reported beaten 

DDoS attack on opposition website 

FSB close website 

Novaya gazeta lacks funds 

GosDep taken off air 

Twitter use could lead to jail term
Campaign advertisements for presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov were reported on 21/2 to have been illegally torn down in cities across Russia. (The Moscow Times, 22/2) 

Five candidates for upcoming local legislative elections in Lermontov, Stavropol region, carried their hunger strike at the town hall into its third day on 23/2 in protest at the refusal to register candidates. On 20/2 about 50 residents stormed the Town Hall demanding the vote be canceled. (The Moscow Times, 24/2) 

Right of assembly 
Police reported no incidents when pro-Putin motorists took to Moscow streets on 18/2. Organizers of a similar opposition rally on 19/2said authorities obstructed them; police said participants blocked traffic. (The Moscow Times, 20/2) 

On 20/2 pro-Kremlin activists won exclusive permission to hold rallies on all major Moscow squares the day of the presidential election and the day after. (The Moscow Times, 21/2) 

On 21/2 leaders called on their supporters to burn effigies symbolizing the end of "Putin's political winter" at Moscow Maslenitsa festivities on 26/2 after City Hall refused to permit an opposition rally for that day. (The Moscow Times, 22/2) 

On 21/2, activist, Vera Lavreshina, arrested at a rally outside the Central Election Commission, was forcibly hospitalised in Gannushkin Psychiatric Hospital. (, 22/2) 

Sergei Mokhnatkin, imprisoned following a 2009 Moscow Strategy-31 rally, has been beaten by prison officers, reports said on 21/2. (The Moscow Times, 22/2) 

Media rights 
A denial-of-service attack on 20/2 took down a website,, started by organizers of the upcoming opposition rally "Big White Circle." (The Moscow Times, 22/2) 

At the FSB’s request the website, owned by civic activist and member of The Other Russia Dmitry Karuev, was closed down on 20/2. (, 22/2) 

Aleksandr Lebedev said on 21/2 he could no longer pay the wages of Novaya gazeta staff since his National Reserve Bank has been paralyzed by government inspections. (, 22/2) 

On 21/2 the website said it would broadcast a political talk show, GosDep, hosted by Ksenia Sobchak, taken off the air by Russian MTV. (The Moscow Times, 22/2) 

Petr Shkumatov, head of drivers' rights group Blue Buckets, faces a possible 15-day jail sentence for posting on Twitter during a court hearing on 21/2. (The Moscow Times, 22/2)
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