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Week-ending 29 July 2011

posted 3 Aug 2011, 07:29 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Aug 2011, 07:36 ]

Ruling on taxation of non-profits

Aleksei Sokolov released on parole

Lebedev denied parole

Denial of parole condemned

US bars officials over Magnitsky

Russia condemns US action

Solopov gets  asylum

New commission to combat extremism

Journalists allege assault

DDoS attacks against LiveJournal

Poll says elections will be rigged
Taxation of Non-Profits 
On 28/7 the Presidium of the Supreme Commercial Court ruled Russian non-profit organizations should not pay profit tax on donations from foreign organizations. (, 29/7) 

Individual cases 
Amnesty International welcomed the decision by a Krasnoyarsk court to release human rights defender Aleksei Sokolov imprisoned on charges many believe to have been fabricated on parole on 27/7. (Amnesty International, 27/7) 

An Arkhangelsk region court rejected (27/7) a parole plea by former Yukos co-owner Platon Lebedev, saying he was not eligible because of two breaches of prison rules, including the loss of a pair of trousers. (The Moscow Times, 28/7) 

The Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights condemned the refusal to give parole to Platon Lebedev as ‘shameful’. (, 29/7) 

The Obama administration told US lawmakers dozens of Russian officials have been barred from the United States over their involvement in the detention and death two years ago of Sergei Magnitsky. (New York Times, 26/7) 

The Russian foreign ministry said the US decision to place a visa ban on Russian officials linked to the death could harm diplomatic relations. (BBC, 28/7) 

Denis Solopov, an anti-fascist activist wanted in Russia over an attack on Khimki City Hall by anti-fascist and anarchist groups last July has been granted refugee asylum in the Netherlands. (The Moscow Times, 29/7) 

President Medvedev created (29/7) a new commission tasked with "coordinating the activities" of federal and regional agencies in fighting extremism. (The Moscow Times, 31/7)

Media rights 
Journalists from Volga TV company in Nizhny Novgorod said they were assaulted (23/7) by military personnel while filming a fire at a military base in Nizhny Novgorod. (RFE / RL, 26/7) said 27/7 it was experiencing hacker attacks which made the service inaccessible at times. Attacks of this scale each cost about $15,000 to organize, said. (The Moscow Times, 28/7) 

53% of voters believe upcoming State Duma elections will be rigged, independent pollster Levada Center said on 28/7. (The Moscow Times 29/7)
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3 Aug 2011, 07:35