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Week-ending 4 March 2011

posted 6 Mar 2011, 13:33 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 6 Mar 2011, 13:36 ]
Activists' apartments searched
Election candidates banned
On rules for NGOs
Orlov on Kadyrov
Under new law, cuts to police force
Law gives police right to close websites
Poet summoned to police for ‘chat’ over poem
Radio show host sacked over Matvienko comment
Prosecutors ask for ban on film
Voina entry removed from prize shortlist
Medvedev on abolition of serfdom, reforms
Gorbachev on ‘tandem’
Right of association: Political parties / NGOs
On 4/3 searches were conducted in St. Petersburg in apartments belonging to activists from The Other Russia over extremism charges. (, 5/3)
Election officials banned about 45% of Yabloko candidates for the March regional elections, compared with 0.8 percent for United Russia (Kommersant 3/4; The Moscow Times, 4/3)
Justice Minister Aleksandr Konovalov promised clearer registration rules for NGOs on 28/2. (The Moscow Times, 1/3)
Orlov trial
Oleg Orlov, head of Memorial, on trial for allegedly slandering Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, accused Kadyrov of running a ‘totalitarian’ regime. (The Moscow Times, 3/3)
Police reform
The new law on the police came into force on 1/3. More than 100,000 officers are to be laid off by May, cutting Interior Ministry personnel to 1.1 million. (The Moscow Times, 2/3)
The new police law gives officers the right to take down web sites without a court order according to a report by the Economic Development Ministry. (The Moscow Times, 1/3)
Freedom of expression
Moscow poet Vsevolod Yemelin said he faced ethnic hatred charges after being summoned to police headquarters on 1/3 ‘for a chat’ about a poem published on his blog describing December rioting near the Kremlin. (The Moscow Times, 2/3)
Dmitry Gubin, host of a radio show on Vesti FM, who lost his job after likening, on 25/2, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko to leader Adolf Hitler for ‘destroying the city,’ stood by his on-air comments on 28/2. (The Moscow Times, 1/3)
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky prosecutors asked a local court to ban as extremist educational films using archive footage of Nazi propaganda, Interfax said on 2/3. (The Moscow Times, 3/3)
A painting of a large penis on a bridge near the St. Petersburg FSB headquarters by the Voina performance art group has been dropped from the shortlist for an art prize by its organizers. Voina condemned the move. (The Moscow Times, 28/2)
Political reform
On the 150th anniversary of the abolition of serfdom, President Medvedev (3/3) portrayed Russia's ruling ‘tandem’ as heirs to the reformist Tsar Alexander II. (The Moscow Times, 4/3)
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on his 80th birthday (2/3) accused Russia's current leaders of rolling back democracy. (The Moscow Times, 3/3)
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6 Mar 2011, 13:35