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Anna Yarovaya: "The Dmitriev Affair" [7x7 - translation by The Russian Reader]

posted 20 Mar 2017, 03:33 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Mar 2017, 03:40 ]
1 March 2017

Source: The Russian Reader [original source: 7x7]

Photo: Wikipedia

March 12 is, technically, the last day of historian Yuri Dmitriev’s term in police custody during the investigation of the accusations made against him. The 61-year-old researcher has spent nearly the last three months in Pretrial Detention Facility No. 1 in Petrozavodsk. During this time, solo pickets supporting Dmitriev have been held on the streets of the Karelian capital, his case has been discussed at a traveling session of the Presidential Human Rights Council, and the republic got a new governor. According to Dmitriev’s attorney, the historian will probably be indicted and his case sent to court. Yuri Dmitriev has been accused of producing pornography. Neither his colleagues, friends or people who have worked at some time with Yuri Dmitriev believe the charges are true. Many link his arrest to the work he has done his whole life: searching for the places where political prisoners were shot, compiling lists of victims of political crackdowns during the Soviet period, and heading Memorial’s Karelian branch. [Read the full text on The Russian Reader]