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Memorial launches new version of its database, "The Victims of Political Terror”, in Petrozavodsk [7x7]

posted 11 Dec 2017, 03:34 by Website Service   [ updated 11 Dec 2017, 03:37 ]
6 December 2017

by Anna Yarovaya

Source: 7x7

On 5 December, in Petrozavodsk, Memorial presented the updated, fifth, edition of its database, containing the names of political prisoners and forced settlers who were executed during the Soviet period. Two board members of the International "Memorial" Society came from St Petersburg to the Karelian capital to demonstrate the updated electronic version of this resource: Irina Flige of the Memorial Research and Information Centre, and Alexander Daniel who, with Flige, is joint chair of Memorial in St Petersburg.

"Thirty years ago, people took to the streets and demanded that all the lists of those shot in the USSR should be published. Since 1998, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts in Russia, many Books of Remembrance have been published,” stated Irina Flige. “Someone collected twenty names, others gathered a thousand, or ten thousand, names of the executed. All these individuals were then brought together in this database. It is a credit to society, not to the State: this is the result of joint efforts," Irina Flige said, opening the event. [Read more]