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Arkady Babchenko on the banning of the showing of the film 'Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer' (Facebook)

posted 30 Dec 2013, 02:10 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Dec 2013, 02:52 ]
29 December 2013 

Arkady Babchenko

Photo: Wikipedia

Sheesh, I can’t stand to read comments like “this is our, taxpayers’ money”, “Kapkov didn’t have the right to ban it”, “the state must support it” and so on. If it’s your money and Kapkov didn’t have the right to ban it – THEN GO AND DO IT, WHORE! GO AND FIGHT, MOTHERFUCKER!

You wanted to hold a meeting at your own expense – then go and hold one! All the things that you’re writing about and complaining about – go to the Gogol Centre and have your event there! Send all the Kapkovs and Pupkovs to hell, if it’s your money and your right!

Jesus, some hell, that doesn’t even have the right to do this, it sends them a piece of paper and they immediately lift up their pens! And cancel a revolutionary film. About Pussy Riot!

You wanted to talk about a revolution, but Kapkov banned it.

What a fucking disgrace, whore! What a fucking embarrassment you are!

And this is the Serebrennikov who starts a revolutionary “Interrogation” about the National Bolsheviks. The same National Bolsheviks who stuck a screw in all the Kapkovs with all their bans. They haven’t been able to ban Strategy-31 for three years, because they just go and do it. And here, whore, there aren’t even any cops – just a piece of paper that some hell sent – and that’s it: we disperse, guys, there’s censorship here, they’ve banned our revolution!

Why can’t anyone ban me from doing anything? No one and nothing? Why can’t anyone ban Shekhtman and Tkach from doing anything? They fuck with them, sentence them, jail them, knock them down with bulldozers – and they still climb up to the cupola of the Volkonsky house and stop the demolition! And this from one piece of paper that you can only wipe your arse with, whore!

When we did our “Field of Freedom” two battalions of cops sealed off the entire forest. Security guards were standing on every path. They dug up all the roads. They covered the whole field with manure. The OMON checked every exit from the stage. They stopped mushroom pickers – mushroom pickers! They sent out a ton of warnings, decrees and bans! But we still sent them all to hell, we went there and did what we wanted! And here from the first piece of paper from some hellish pen they flicked you away. They’re putting on revolutionary plays, whore.

You, whore, just dissolved all your plays and all your films down to absolute nil!

Forget the permit, send the letter to hell, and do what you think is necessary! Go and fight for your right, bitch!

Bitch, I can’t look at any of this.

And even less so since the Maidan.

Translated by Sarah Hurst