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Russian writers address the Euromaidan (

posted 9 Dec 2013, 10:43 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Dec 2013, 10:53 ]
1 December 2013 


In an open letter, Russian writers have appealed to Ukrainian writers and the people of Ukraine regarding the events in Kiev and other cities where massive demonstrations have been taking place in support of integration with Europe, better known under the general name of “Euromaidan”.

As Russian writers, we appeal to our Ukrainian colleagues and to all citizens of Ukraine who wish to see Ukraine a democratic country, open to people of different views and various cultures. Just like you, we feel part of one, European civilisation; and the political forces, which forcibly try to separate us and you from this common civilisation, make us feel the same anger as you feel.

We are saddened that today you are forced to consider Russia as a crude and treacherous force that wishes to squash other nations under its feet, rather than as the home of priceless, cultural treasures and intellectual possibilities.

Be assured that for many in Russia, Ukraine is not a lost sheep that must be roped and pulled back into the fold, but an equal nation whose culture is opening ever new possibilities for fruitful dialogue.

Your struggle for the right to choose your own path is bound to be difficult, but we wish you every success. Your success would be a sign for us that even we, in Russia, can stand up for our own rights and freedoms. We are with you!


Aleksei Aleksandrov, poet, editor, Saratov
Aleksandr Arkhangelski, writer, Moscow
Maksim Amelin, poet, translator, publisher, Moscow
Tatyana Baskakova, translator, Moscow
Leonid Bakhnov, editor, Moscow
Denis Beznosov, poet, translator, Moscow
Igor Belov, poet, translator, Kaliningrad
Aleksandr Belyakov, poet, Yaroslavl
Maria Boteva, prose writer, Kirov
Igor Bulatovsky, poet, St Petersburg
Anna Vyazemskaya, poet, Moscow/ Belgium
Maria Galina, poet, prose writer, Moscow
Natalya Gromova, writer, Moscow
Andrei Gritzman, poet, translator, New York
Vladimir Zhbankov, poet, Moscow
Vitaly Zamkovoi, poet, Moscow
Olga Ilnitskaya, poet, Moscow
Salavat Kadyrov, poet, Verkhny Ufalyei
Gennady Kanavesky, editor, Moscow
Nikolai Kononov, poet, prose writer, St Petersburg
Yury Konkov, poet, editor, Moscow
Grigory Kruzhkov, poet, translator, Moscow
Dmitry Kuzmin, editor, translator, publisher, Moscow
Sergei Kuznetsov, prose writer
Nikita Kuznetsov, translator, Krakov / St Petersburg
Ilya Kukulin, critic, Moscow
Denis Larionov, poet, critic, Moscow
Tatyana Levina, art historian
Vitaly Lekhzier, poet, Samara
Stanislav Lvovsky, poet, political writer, Moscow
Elena Marinicheva, translator, Moscow
Aleksandr Markov, translator, editor
Tatyana Neshumova, poet, Moscow
Lev Oborin, poet, translator, critic, Moscow
Svetlana Panich, translator, Moscow
Valery Pecheikin, dramatist, Moscow
Alesha Prokopyev, poet, translator, Moscow
Maria Remizova, literary critic, Moscow
Lev Rubinstein, poet, political commentator, Moscow
Aleksandr Samartsev, poet, Moscow
Natalia Sanninkova, poet Kamensk-Urals
Igor Satanovski, poet, editor, New York
Andrei Sein-Senkov, poet, prose writer, Moscow
Sergei Serov, graphic designer, art historian, Moscow
Natalia Sokolovskaya, writer, St Petersburg
Maria Stepanova, poet, Moscow
Aleksandr Stesin, poet, translator, New York
Elena Fanailova, poet, Moscow
Andrei Cherkasov, poet, Moscow
Aleksei Tsvetkov, poet, political commentator, New York
Sergei Shabutsky, poet, translator, editor, Moscow
Irina Shevelenko, literary historian, St Petersburg / Madison USA 
Arkady Shtypel, poet, Moscow
Tatyana Shcherbina, poet, political commentator, Moscow

Translated by Frances Robson