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Interview with Sergei Mokhnatkin (Echo of Moscow)

posted 22 Dec 2014, 05:45 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 05:48 ]
10 December 2014

Source: Ekho Moskvy 

Correspondent - Do you know that you have been sentenced to 4.5 years in prison? I would like to find out what you think about this and what you now intend to do? 

S. Mokhnatkin― I'm on my way now to the court, I was summoned. 

Correspondent― But it is already over. 

S. Mokhnatkin― It shouldn’t have finished yet. 

Correspondent― There are already messages appearing on news feeds that you have been sentenced and that you didn’t attend the sentencing. 

S. Mokhnatkin― The court did not tell me that I should be there, so I wasn’t there. I am going there now. 

Correspondent― So you have been put on the federal wanted list and are going there now? 

S. Mokhnatkin― I don’t know where I have been put, how would I know? I didn’t know about the trial, so I am going to court now. I didn’t know about the trial, I wasn’t given a summons yesterday. 

Correspondent― Ok. 

S. Mokhnatkin― I thought it was at 2pm or 3pm. It turns out that it was at 10am, now I know. 

Correspondent― Probably when you arrive there you will be held in custody. 

S. Mokhnatkin― Probably if they decided so there. 

Correspondent― So in general what do you think about being sentenced to 4.5 years in prison? 

S. Mokhnatkin― What should I think about it? It is a sheer outrage. 

Correspondent― But please explain your position. 

S. Mokhnatkin― My position…. They weren’t judges, but the most genuine bastards. It is an absolute outrage. It was the same on the Square and in all that followed. They gave me a good beating there. And then they blamed me, as though I had hurt somebody. And that was it. I have argued this the whole time. The court didn’t want to listen. My statement hasn’t been considered. They didn’t want to know anything at all. 

Correspondent― Do you plan to appeal the sentence, if it is confirmed? 

S. Mokhnatkin― Of course I should appeal, I should challenge it. It is completely unlawful. I haven’t even received it yet. It is a completely absurd sentence, what is not understandable here? 

Correspondent― You said that you were not summoned to the court. But you are now going there anyway. So how did you know that there is a trial today and you need to go there? 

S. Mokhnatkin― Because I called the court and they told me. 

Correspondent― So you called this morning yourself? 

S. Mokhnatkin― Yes, yes, at about 9am. 

Correspondent― Ok, so you are going there now. Your relationship with the lawyers hasn’t seemed too good. Are you going to continue working with them? 

S. Mokhnatkin― The lawyers openly betrayed me there, they ruined me even more than the prosecution. Definitely. I wasn’t able to protect my right to properly defend myself in court. They only got in my way. 

Translated by Chloe Cranston