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Viktor Shenderovich on Sergei Mokhnatkin: 4.5 Years in Maximum Security (Echo of Moscow)

posted 22 Dec 2014, 06:09 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Dec 2014, 06:11 ]
10 December 2014

By Viktor Shenderovich

Source: Ekho Moskvy

Four and a half years in maximum security for Sergei Mokhnatkin…The police used physical violence against citizens at a protest that was permitted under the Constitution.

One of these citizens responded to the violence.

4.5 years in maximum security.

Those who provoked the violence will be given an award, I guess.

Dear Judges and their Masters. One day when a crowd, excited by a new kind of amusement, is dragging you along to be lynched, you will regret that Sergei Mokhnatkin is not nearby - an intelligent, fine, honest person. With his acute sense of human dignity and his rejection of violence, he would be very useful to you at that moment…


Translated by Chloe Cranston