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Grigory Yavlinsky: President Putin bears personal responsibility for the life and well-being of Oleg Sentsov [Ekho Moskvy]

posted 28 May 2018, 05:20 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 28 May 2018, 05:25 ]
20 May 2018

By Grigory Yavlinsky, politician, founder of the Yabloko party 

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group  [original source: Ekho Moskvy] 

Oleg Sentsov has declared a hunger strike. Placed in a Russian prison, the Ukrainian film director finds himself in a position where this desperate measure is the only way to bring attention to the situation of people in our country who are persecuted for purely political motives. These people are convicted not for committing crimes (which never took place) but for their views that are in line with contemporary international law.

It is essential to put an end to the suffering of innocent people. The release of Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian citizens held in Russian jails for political reasons will not only be a humane and just step, but also an act in line with the basic national interests of Russia.

The future of Russia lies in the fundamental change of policy in relation to Ukraine, the rejection of the so called “doctrine of limited sovereignty” of Kiev. Without the regulation of relations with Ukraine, without ceasing the war in the Donbass region, without taking the initiative to organise an international conference on Crimea, the normal development of our country is impossible, it is impossible to ensure it’s the protection of its interests and security in the world today.

The Russian authorities and Vladimir Putin personally bear direct responsibility for the life and well-being of Oleg Sentsov and dozens of other prisoners who have become hostages of the policy of aggression of the Russian government.

Translated by Frances Robson