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Viktor Shenderovich: On Causes and Ideas (Ezhednevnyi zhurnal)

posted 7 Oct 2014, 12:39 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 7 Oct 2014, 12:39 ]
26 September 2014

By Viktor Shenderovich

Source: Ezhednevnyi zhurnal  /  Ezhednevnyi zhurnal

So as you can see, in my time I have also had to work with devotees of fakery

Dear Mr Osin!

Re-read, if you please, my text, if you were unable to get through it the first time. In it I do not talk at all about whether a majority or a minority of the residents of ‘the future Russian city of Sevastopol’ believe that Crimea should be Russian.

I talk about whether it is a majority or a minority of Russians who are convinced of the right of Russia (and/or the advantageousness for her) to unleash and wage a bloody war for the sake of a certain ‘New Russia’, carved out from the Donetsk and Lugansk provinces of sovereign Ukraine.

Rather different topics, don’t you think?

And yet you are still surprised that my associates make fun of me for engaging in debate with you all….You cannot even keep the topic of conversation in your heads. Or, in fact, you’re acting the fool…

And yet I waste the alphabet on you…

But since I’ve taken it upon myself to reply to you, Mr Osin – here are some words about the theme you touched upon in your text: regarding the causes and ideas that bring our very different allies out onto the streets.

What brought my people out onto the streets of Moscow is the conviction that this war is a crime and a mistake. The allies of Dugin and the ill-fated Golubov take to the streets in the belief that this war is a chance for Russia to achieve a new greatness.

The causes are really very different.

And I was glad to discover that the politically active opponents of this war are many times more numerous than its politically active supporters.

But alas, more numerous than both put together are those Russians who are completely indifferent to anything beyond their own immediate needs. And it is precisely these people who make up the notorious Putin ‘majority’.

Translated by Nathalie Corbett