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Aleksandr Podrabinek: "The Hangmen Will Have To Put Up With It" (Ezhednevnyi zhurnal)

posted 16 Jun 2013, 06:49 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 16 Jun 2013, 07:05 ]
13 June 2013 

Aleksandr Podrabinek

Source: Ezhednevnyi zhurnal 

The June 12 "March against the Hangmen" confirmed one simple notion - the hangmen do not like being identified by name. It was just the same with the March against Scoundrels, when protesters carried portraits of the deputies of the State Duma who had voted for "anti-orphan law." You can understand the scoundrels and the hangmen: they are accustomed to do evil in silence and anonymously, and here not only are their names being pronounced by all and sundry, but their portraits are being carried around on the streets of Moscow as well. [Read more]