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Aleksandr Podrabinek: Time to go out onto the streets

posted 29 Nov 2012, 14:35 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 29 Nov 2012, 14:36 ]
27 November 2012 


The recent events at the prison colony in Kopeisk have hit a chord with a lot of people. Breaking prisoners' fingers for writing complaints and extorting money from them for the chance just to survive are the apotheosis of Putin's system and the most vivid illustration of the essence of its raison d'etre. This is an event that demands a political response from society. It is specifically Putin, Medvedev and their huge coterie of court flunkies, from ingratiating ministers and loyal deputies to inspired sycophants from the state owned television channels, that have created a system against which people have risen up in the Kopeisk penal colony. [Read more]