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An interview with Ella Pamfilova: "An incubator for human rights activists" (The New Times)

posted 19 Sep 2013, 04:52 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 19 Sep 2013, 04:59 ]
9 September 2013

Source: The New Times  (№ 28 (296) 2013) 

Why has Ella Pamfilova decided to become an intermediary between the Kremlin and "foreign agents"? 

On 4 September, President Putin met with the members of the Human Rights Council (HRC). You were also invited. The last time that you were at such a meeting with President Putin was back in 2007 when you were still Chair of the Human Rights Council. What were your impressions from your latest conversation with the President? 

I hope our most irreconcilable liberals will forgive me, but by the end of the meeting I had a definite hope that changes for the good are now going to become inevitable in our country. They are tangibly coming to fruition and no-one is going to be able to stop this process. And thank God, I have a feeling that Putin has also begun to understand this and will not try to obstruct the public groundswell - the demand for change, and on the contrary will start to seek out healthy points of growth and support.