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Leonid Nikitinsky on the third Yukos case (Novaya gazeta)

posted 7 Jun 2013, 15:11 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 7 Jun 2013, 15:15 ]
31 May 2013 

Leonid Nikitinsky 

Source: Novaya gazeta 

The suspects are the independent experts who produced a report on the second case and "created the illusion of the need to liberalise the criminal law" 

The sad and shocking news which came at the end of the week, the resignation of the rector of the New Economic School Sergei Guriev, is connected to the third "Yukos case." But how? Shining a light on the fantastical storyline of this case, in the spirit of 1937, is a single document which came to light as a result of a recent search conducted by law enforcement officers in Alma-Ata... [Read more]