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Novye Izvestiya: Agents Against Their Will - Failed applications for state grants force NGOs to seek support abroad

posted 9 Sep 2013, 02:02 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 9 Sep 2013, 02:04 ]
3 September 2013

By Diana Evdokimova

Source: Novye Izvestiya 

Novye Izvestiya has been contacted by the director of the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation, Ashot Airapetyan, with the news that his NGO has effectively been forced to become a foreign agent. The grant application submitted by the Centre in an open competition has been rejected, and the organisation now has no means of survival. “NI” has learned that many well-known human rights and charitable organisations have been deprived of financial support as a result of this competition, which instead awarded grants to projects proposed by pro-government patriotic associations. [Read more]