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Ludmila Alekseeva: “God give you strength to hold out. Please forgive us” (Obozrevatel [Ukraine])

posted 14 Sep 2014, 08:04 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 14 Sep 2014, 08:24 ]
5 September 2014 

Source: Obozrevatel (Ukraine) 

Ludmila Alekseeva:
 "Dozens of Russians have been following their hearts and taking part in pickets against the war, without being directed or asked to do so." 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led us to forget that Ukrainians and Russians were once brothers. The citizens of the 'empire' are experiencing another outbreak of 'imperial syndrome', ratings for the 'gatherer of Russian lands' have gone through the roof, and there’s no longer much evidence of brotherhood. And yet there are still Russians who deserve our greatest respect. Ludmila Mikhailovna Alekseeva is the voice of an era – a well-known Russian human rights campaigner, a civil society activist, one of the founders and the chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group and one of the people behind the All-Russian Civil Congress. In March, on the eve of the Crimean “referendum”, she signed the appeal by the Congress of the Intelligentsia “Against the War, the Isolation of Russia and the Restoration of Totalitarianism”. She and four other well-known Russians also signed an appeal to the nation of Ukraine which opened with the words, "Dear sisters and brothers!" Obozrevatel has succeeded in obtaining an interview with the human rights defender, and you will find her answers to our questions below. [Read more]

Translated by Joanne Reynolds