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Andrei Kalikh: Free Russia Forum - sanctions and boycotts [OpenDemocracy]

posted 14 Dec 2017, 09:35 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 20 Dec 2017, 11:42 ]
13 December 2017

By Andrei Kalikh

Source: OpenDemocracy [in Russian]

Russia’s opposition remains weak and divided — but the latest forum in Vilnius could hint at consolidation down the road.

In early December, Vilnius once again hosted the fourth Free Russia Forum. This, the Russian opposition’s main annual get-together, is normally described by the pro-Kremlin media as a fugitive émigré coven, but is nothing of the sort. A good half of the participants actually reside in Russia, but there is a compelling reason for holding the Forum elsewhere – it just wouldn’t be allowed to happen at home.

Like-minded people criticise the Forum for trying to bring together oppositionists of all hues (it is attended by Democrats, left-wingers and Russian ultra nationalists). This means that it rarely arrives at any concrete conclusions: people come, argue and go home again, giving the media an excuse for further criticism in its wake. [Read more]