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International Memorial Society: Recalling the Names []

posted 30 Oct 2017, 09:51 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 30 Oct 2017, 10:00 ]

From 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday, 29 October, we shall be reading out the names of the victims of political repression here in Moscow, on Lubyanka Square. The Memorial Society has now been organising this event for ten years.

One after another, people get up and read more and more names. Yet thus far we have barely read half the list of 40,000 people executed in and around Moscow during the pre-war period. [Read more

Name, surname, occupation and date of execution. Thousands of names will be spoken aloud that day on Lubyanka Square, next to FSB headquarters. People were shot in secret: we are turning this into a public commemoration of those victims.

Come to Lubyanka at any time during the day, or stand somewhere nearly, and join in Memorial’s annual Act of Remembrance beside the Solovetsky Stone, the oldest monument in our country to the millions of victims of the Soviet totalitarian regime.

This year, as in 2016, we invite all to contribute to the costs of this event through its popular funding – help share the costs of sound amplification, heaters and candles. Restoring the Names is our common cause.

Translated by John Crowfoot