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Aleksandr Podrabinek on the Lessons of the Depardieu Affair

posted 15 Jan 2013, 12:28 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Jan 2013, 12:38 ]
A Small Flat for a Homeless Man

7 January 2013 

By Aleksandr Podrabinek 

Source: Ezhednevnyi Zhurnal 

The issue here is not the eccentric Frenchman and collector of citizenships, nor even the Supreme Passport Officer of the Russian Federation, V.V. Putin. The issue is the accommodating lackeys who rush to find favour in the eyes of the almighty leader at someone else’s expense. According to the news agency MordovMedia, the head of the Republic of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov, has announced that he “would be happy to see Depardieu as a citizen of Mordovia. To make this step easier for Gérard, the actor has been given a flat in Saransk, and promised a personal house built for him in beautiful Mordovian woodland by the side of a lake”. [Read more]