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Sergei Kovalev: 'Prejudice and Pride' (Radio Svoboda)

posted 3 Aug 2015, 08:29 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 3 Aug 2015, 08:33 ]
25 July 2015

Source: Moscow Helsinki Group 

Original source: Radio Svoboda 

Photo: Widipedia

By Sergei Kovalev, Russian human rights defender, member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, head of Russian Memorial Society: 

I am permitting myself some notes concerning the current political course the West has taken, which reflects both its strengths and weaknesses- you might say, its pride and its prejudices. The history of my country (the USSR) overflows with cruel, unlawful, mass repressions, with its own contributions to the development of international political terrorism and the creation of new totalitarian regimes, with actions of aggression, with other violations of the fundamental principles of international law. Today’s Russia has returned to this tradition. The West has been a steadfast force against Russian expansion. This inspires hope, not just for Russia, but also for the most pressing global problems of today. However, there are also dangers and it is these dangers that I would like to speak about. [Read more]