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Radio Svoboda: Lev Shlosberg reports threats made against him

posted 22 Feb 2019, 06:31 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 22 Feb 2019, 06:34 ]
21 February 2019

Oppositionist and member of Pskov region legislative assembly Lev Shlosberg has said, in a video posted on the the YouTube channel ‘Grazhdanin-TV’ , his personal safety has been threatened. Shlosberg said that on 20 February an unidentified person stuck a sheet of paper on the door of the Pskov branch of Yabloko with the words:

"We don’t need your democracy
Don’t go stirring up the people, Lev
Better calm down, that’s our advice,
Or you’ll get a punch on the nose again"*

Public Committee For Torture

Speaking to a Radio Svoboda correspondent, Lev Shlosberg said:

“We probably should have expected this against the background of the obviously unlawful criminal case opened against Pskov Yabloko, an investigation which is politically-motivated. People of this kind, forces of this kind, come alive almost always when matters of politics are at issue.

“I have reported the crime today to the Pskov region branch of the Investigative Committee requesting that a criminal investigation into the incident be opened under Article 119, Section 2, of the Criminal Code (Preparation of a crime). But at the same time, I want to say that we know very well where this person came from and where this threat came from. The governor of Pskov region, Mikhail Yurevich Vedernikov, bears full political responsibility for the safety of people who work every day in this office. He knows how the criminal case against Yabloko was started. It’s not at all difficult for him to find out who the person is who came here yesterday in the morning and who sent that person here. Mikhail Yurevich, you are responsible for the safety of every person working here in this building.”

Lev Shlosberg emphasised that under no circumstances would be forced to give up his political work.

On 29 August 2014 Shlosberg was hospitalised as a result of an attack following his investigation into the role of Pskov paratroopers in the war in the east of Ukraine. On 4 February 2019 Shlosberg presented his new book Russia and Ukraine. Dark days ["Россия и Украина. Дни затмения"] at the Sakharov Centre in Moscow. The book contained investigative journalism by the newspaper Pskovsksaya guberniya (in which Shlosberg publishes) and opinion pieces describing the events of the Euromaidan and the subsequent war in the Donbass. 

* "Не нужна нам твоя демократия нет
Зря Лева народ баламутишь
Так что лучше уймись наш совет
А то снова по носу получишь" (sic).

Pictures: Radio Liberty