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Viktor Shenderovich writes in Ezhednevnyi zhurnal on the Recent Changes at Radio Liberty

posted 14 Oct 2012, 07:21 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 15 Oct 2012, 03:28 ]
The entire staff of the USSR’s KGB and the Russian Federation’s FSB, all the Ideological Departments of the Central Committee of the CPSU, all the anti-Western cartoonists working for Pravda and all the [virulent – tr.] Russian nationalists working in the mass media – all of them taken together failed to do as much damage to the prestige of the USA in Russia as a few unknown American bureaucrats who managed within the space of an hour to finish off the Moscow bureau of Radio Liberty. [Read more]

From: Viktor Shenderovich: ‘Landscape With Details’, Yezhednevnyi Zhurnal, 25 September, 2012