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Loyalty in place of law (Vedomosti)

posted 5 Jul 2015, 01:08 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 5 Jul 2015, 01:13 ]
25 June 2015

Selectivity in the application of repressive laws has practically been officially recognized 

This article was published in № 3859 of 25.06.2015 under the headline: From the editors: Laws on Stars 

Source: Vedomosti

By Nikolai Epple 

Until now it has mostly been human rights activists who have talked about the fact that recently adopted laws have been thought up and applied selectively, since they are intended not to protect the rights of citizens, but to combat dissident thinking. Yesterday President Vladimir Putin expressed the view that if the language of the law on foreign agents is damaging ‘absolutely loyal, pro-Russian’ organizations, then it is bad. Consequently, in this view, if organizations are loyal, there is no reason to prosecute them. [Read more]