“Mustafa Dzhemilev has not been freed” (Part One)

posted 24 Jan 2016, 14:50 by Rights in Russia   [ updated 24 Jan 2016, 15:00 ]
On 20 January 2016 a warrant was issued by a court in Crimea for the arrest of Mustafa Dzhemilev. [Court in Russian-occupied Crimea orders arrest of Mustafa Dzhemiliev 21.01.16 | Halya Coynash ]

This act and the charges against the Crimean Tatar leader, often referred to as the “Gandhi” or “Nelson Mandela” of his nation, have been met with justifiable outrage. In the context of a life-long, non-violent struggle on behalf of his exiled nation and of all those in the USSR who were denied their basic rights, it is just one more episode of persecution at the hands of the powers-that-be in Moscow.

In 1975, at the time of his fourth arrest (described below), Dzhemilev was serving a 12-month sentence in a penal colony in Omsk (Siberia). He was then 26 years old.

Source: A Chronicle of Current Events, No 37, 30 September 1975 
No 37 : 30 September 1975

On 19 June 1975, three days before the end of Mustafa Dzhemilev’s one-year term of imprisonment “for ignoring a summons for military service” (CCE 32.9 and 33), a fresh charge was brought against him under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code.

Mustafa Dzhemilev declared a hunger strike. [Read more]